What We Do

Joshua Village for Orphans


Joshua Village Church of Christ is an interdenominational church. We believe that the Bible is The word of God. We believe that Jesus is the son of God and Salvation for Eternal life is obtained through the acceptance of Jesus Christ into one’s life. By the WORD, we can change the lives of children and communities through Christ-Centered services.


Joshua School for Orphans is a registered school, providing excellent education to the future generation of leader. All the teachers at Joshua School are certified teachers, who instill knowledge, wisdom, and values to our students, to prepare them for a bright future.

Joshua Village for Orphans
Joshua Village for Orphans


The clinic serves as a healthcare facility for both the children and the community. The clinic provides regular medical evaluation, treatment for malaria, treatment of fungal infection, respiratory infection, abdominal pain & deworming, generalize body ache and back pains. Currently it is under construction, adding more rooms to keep up with the demands.