Joshua Village for orphans is an orphanage with a school, clinic and church located near Oyugis, Kenya. Founded in 2005 by Osumba Benson.  The orphanage is built on 1 1/2 acres of land, enough to provide children with a home, education, health care, and a place for spiritual enrichment.

Joshua Village for Orphans
Joshua Village for Orphans


 The name “Joshua” means “The Lord Is Salvation”. Joshua village for orphans was named after Mrs. Osumba Benson’s father, Mr. Joshua Ouma. As a Pastor, he devoted his life to teaching the Bible, and led many to Christ. Just as he led many to Christ to receive salvation, Joshua village for orphans functions as a place of refuge, a place of salvation where those who have been abandoned, left as orphans, or written off by society can come and find refuge. An oasis of living water. Joshua lived to 115 years old.